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Over 50s Life Insurance Promis

  • Over 50s Life Insurance cover from just £1.15 per week2
  • 48 Hour Claim Promis or an extra £250
  • Guaranteed acceptance for ages 50-79

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Our Over 50s Life Insurance Promis is designed to be easy and helpful, so that you can be completely sure it’s the right product for you. It is a way to help provide for your loved ones, after you've gone. It's life insurance that pays out a cash lump sum quickly to help pay for bills when money might be needed urgently, and also to leave something for your family and friends.

There's no tricky small print to take you by surprise. If there's something that's not covered by your policy, we won't hide it in complex jargon - we'll just tell you openly.

And we won't make you jump through hoops to get things sorted. If you need to talk to us, we're right here in the UK and ready for your call. No long forms to fill in, no frustrating call-backs that never come. Just friendly, efficient professionals waiting to help.

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  • Cover amounts from £1,000 to £20,000
  • 48 hour Claim Promis or get an extra £250**
  • Guaranteed acceptance for UK residents aged 50 to 79
  • No medicals or health questions
  • Cover for the initial 12 or 24 months (it's your choice) is for Accidental Death only, after which you are covered for any cause of death
  • Your cover is doubled in the event of an Accidental Death
  • Premiums stop at age 90 but cover continues for life
  • Premiums are payable until age 90 and may be more than your cover amount depending on how long you live.
  • Cover any member of your family aged 50-79
  • Choice of Level or Increasing Premiums
  • Inflation may reduce the value of your cover. Our Inflation Fighter option is available to help protect your cover amount over time.
  • The cover amount you choose, even with Inflation Fighter, could be less than the cost of a funeral
  • Will Kit at no extra cost included with your policy
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • If you cancel after the first 30 days you wont get your money back
  • No cash value
  • Worldwide cover


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What does it actually cost?

From only £1.15 a week2 - you can pay more for a cup of coffee!

It’s affordable but valuable Over 50s Life Insurance protection that doesn’t need to cost the earth. In fact, just a few pounds a week can get you some protection, so give us a call for a personalised quote.

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